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Hip joint and hip pain treatment in Singapore that works wonders

If you’re seeking hip joint and hip pain treatment, chiropractic provides a therapy that – unlike drugs to relieve discomfort, with their associated side effects – will target both the pain and the problem that’s causing it.

The biggest joint in the body, the hip is unique in its range of functions to perform different types of movements.

The ball-and-socket hip joint can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear but it’s not immune from damage. With ageing, cartilage may erode or sustain injury, and tendons and muscles of the hip can become overworked.

Identifying hip pain

Causes of hip joint pain include:

  • Arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are common causes of hip pain, particularly among elderly people. Arthritis inflames the hip and breaks down the cartilage that cushions the bones.
  • Tendonitis. This condition – inflammation of the tendons that attach muscles to bones – is generally caused by repetitive stress from overuse of the hip.
  • Ligament or muscle strain. Repetitive activities can strain the ligaments and muscles that support the hip joint.
  • Bursitis. This condition develops when the bursae in the hip – sacs of liquid – become inflamed. Bursae ease the friction from muscles, bone, and tendons rubbing together.
  • Irritable hip (in children). Hip pain in children is typically caused by a condition called irritable hip – inflammation of the lining of the joint.

Besides pain in the outside and inside of the joint itself, symptoms of hip joint problems include discomfort in:

  • The thigh
  • Groin
  • Buttocks

Without treatment, hip joint pain may worsen as damage to the joint escalates. Over time, the fibrous ring of cartilage surrounding the hip socket can become torn.

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Natural remedies for hip problems

Drug-free remedies for hip pain relief include:

  • Holding an ice pack to the area.
  • Rest
  • Warm bath
  • Low-impact exercises
  • Herbal supplements
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic

Chiropractic care can provide hip joint pain relief in many cases, including overuse, arthritis, and swelling due to illness or injury.

Further, chiropractic treatment is effective to resolve hip pain due to sciatica, which can also affect the legs and back. Sciatica is caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back, often through degeneration of an intervertebral disc.

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Chiropractic adjustments for hip joint and hip pain treatment

Our chiropractic clinic can provide hip pain relief in cases of arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, overuse, and trauma. The chiropractic adjustment techniques we use to treat these problems include:

The diversified method

This entails a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust by hand, possibly with the aid of a block or table. As the name suggests, the diversified technique can be used to treat many other joints in the body besides the hip.

The activator method

Our chiropractor will use a spring-loaded, hand-held instrument to deliver a quick, low-force impulse to muscles in the hip to help ease pain and restore functionality. The activator method can also be used on other parts of your body where the muscles have had to compensate for weakness in your hip.

Drop-piece technique

This involves a drop table. Our chiropractor will place their hands on your hip and apply steady pressure before releasing a section of the table.

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Dr Liew’s Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic in Singapore will use the most effective natural, drug-free treatment method for your particular hip problem, to deliver fast pain relief. This approach not only helps you to quickly resume a normal life but also keeps the costs of your treatment as low as possible.

With 20 years’ experience as a fully-qualified Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Liew is an expert in the most effective techniques for hip joint pain relief – diversified, activator and drop-piece treatments.

At our clinic, we’re well aware of how problems with the hip can cause other muscles to become overused, and we can offer a range of treatments for conditions in all areas of the body.

Dr Liew is a chiropractic innovator in Singapore. He carries out his own research and constantly sharpens his expertise by monitoring latest developments in treatment techniques.

Client testimonial

Dear Dr Liew,

Thanks for helping me with my hip injury. I was able to run normally during the National Track & Field Meet – it is all thanks to you. I got 2nd for 800m and 3rd for 1,500m.

You are a marvellous doctor. Hope you would continue to cure others.

May your dreams come true.



Denise Choo

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