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Chiropractor for the best hand and wrist pain treatment in Singapore

If you’re looking for hand and wrist pain treatment, you may not realise that the problem could be stemming from your neck or back.

If this is the case, chiropractic can provide the ideal, natural remedy through spinal manipulation. Nevertheless, chiropractic massage applied directly to the hand and wrist can also ease pain by reducing inflammation.

The hand is a complex and fragile structure containing 27 bones. The joints and muscles of the hand enable precise, strong movements, but they’re prone to damage.

Hand and wrist pain can originate in:

  • Joints
  • Bones
  • Tendons
  • Connective tissue
  • Nerves

Causes of hand and wrist pain include:

  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Inflammation
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Nerve damage
  • A chronic health condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.
Finger pain

Arthritis in the hand often causes inflammation of the joints in the fingers, characterised by swelling and/or redness.

Other causes of finger pain include bruising, dislocation, and fractures of bone. Medical conditions such as diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy – nerve damage resulting in pain or tingling in the fingers.

Trigger finger is a painful condition that causes your fingers or thumb to lock when you bend them. It usually occurs in people aged 40 to 60 and is more prevalent among women. Symptoms of trigger finger include stiffness or a clicking sound when you move your finger.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause cramping in the fingers as well as tingling or numbness in other parts of the hand.

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Diagnosing hand, wrist, and finger problems

Symptoms of hand, wrist, and finger ailments include:

  • A stinging or burning sensation.
  • Stiffness, numbness, or tingling.
  • Tenderness or swelling.
  • Difficulty in movement.
  • A lump or bump on the palm, wrist or fingers.

Natural remedies for hand and wrist pain treatment

Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication for hand and wrist problems may lead to other health issues and side effects. This is why so many people seek natural remedies or use home treatments such as:

  • Rest
  • Ice pack
  • Avoiding sleeping on your hands, which can hinder blood flow.
  • Taking a break from activities that may be causing the problem.
  • Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment can ease hand and wrist pain and restore motion by using muscle stimulation to relieve inflammation and pressure.

Chiropractic spine manipulation is especially beneficial as a hand and wrist pain treatment when the problem originates from misalignment of bones in the upper back or neck, affecting the nerves that travel to the hand.

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Chiropractic adjustment techniques to ease hand and wrist pain

Our experienced chiropractor will be able to tell if the pain in your hand or wrist is being caused by problems in your back or neck. If so, he’ll use cervical spinal manipulation, such as the direct thrust technique.

Direct thrust entails applying pressure to the spine by hand. These short, quick movements promote correct alignment of the vertebrae to ease pressure on the nerves that lead to your hands.

This technique may also involve the use of a small, hand-held, spring-loaded device called an activator adjusting instrument, which is used to apply moderate pressure to the spine with a low-force impulse.

If your hand problem isn’t linked to spinal issues, our chiropractor can use myofascial release massage to manipulate the soft tissues to increase blood flow, help the muscles to relax, and improve flexibility.

Our chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) includes muscle stimulation with deep tissue massage techniques.

Left untreated, CTS and other hand and wrist problems can result in nerve damage that causes permanent impairment of hand function.

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Singapore’s Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic, run by Dr Liew, has been providing hand and wrist pain treatment with impressive results since 1998.

Dr Liew, who qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic through a top health sciences university in the USA, is widely regarded as a pioneer in the chiropractic therapies typically used for hand, wrist, and finger problems.

He’s an expert in diagnosing underlying issues that may be the cause of hand and wrist pain, and he’s highly skilled in spinal manipulation techniques to resolve these issues. Dr Liew’s also a specialist in myofascial release therapy on the wrist and hand to alleviate pain and restore flexibility and ease of movement.

Our clinic treats patients of all ages to end the misery of hand and wrist disorders – and numerous other painful conditions – with affordable, non-drug, non-invasive treatment.

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