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Chiropractic treatment for lower back pain in Singapore that will give you long-lasting relief

Chiropractic treatment for lower back pain is being sought by more and more people as an alternative to traditional medical solutions involving drugs.

Lower back pain is the most common cause of disability in the world, blighting the lives of 10% of the population. And it’s most prevalent among people aged 30 to 50.

Lower back pain caused by injury can become a chronic condition if not treated early to limit symptoms and identify the underlying cause. And a chronic lower back issue can seriously impair your quality of life for weeks, months, or even years.

Detecting lower back pains
Lower back pain causes

Causes of lower back pain include damage to the discs between the vertebrae of the spine, incorrect movement of spinal joints, and compression of nerve roots.

The most frequent cause of lower back pain, however, is a pulled or torn muscle and/or ligament. A muscle strain or ligament sprain can either occur suddenly or develop over time through repetitive movements.

Strains happen when a muscle is stretched excessively and tears, while sprains occur when this over-stretching affects the ligaments that connect bones. The acute pain from strains and sprains can be severe.

Common causes of sprains and strains include:

  • Lifting a heavy object.
  • A fall or other sudden movement that puts stress on the low back.
  • Poor posture
  • Sports injuries

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Symptoms of lower back problems

Many factors can influence lower back pain, including emotional and mental health, and exercise and activity levels.

Lower back pain symptoms include:

  • A dull, aching pain. This low back (or axial) pain may be accompanied by restricted mobility, muscle spasms that are mild to severe, and aching in the hips.
  • Sharp pain that spreads to other parts of the body. Sometimes low back pain includes a stinging sensation that spreads to the buttocks, legs, and feet. This is known as sciatica – aggravation of the sciatic nerve, typically felt on just one side of the body.
  • Pain that becomes worse with prolonged sitting. Sitting applies pressure to the discs in the lower back, and the resulting pain will worsen the longer you remain seated. Walking and stretching may ease this pain.
  • Pain that’s worse on waking but improves after moving about. Many people report that their lower back pain is worse first thing in the morning but gets better as they begin to move around. This pain is a result of stiffness and decreased blood flow.
  • Pain that eases with a change in position of the body. Depending on the underlying cause of lower back pain, some positions will be more comfortable than others.
Natural remedies for lower back pain treatment

Many traditional lower back pain treatment options involve pain relief with drugs, but without physical therapy, they won’t address the root of the problem. Many people with low back pain report effective relief through alternative treatments.

Natural, non-drug remedies for lower back pain treatment include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Manual manipulation
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic

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Chiropractor for lower back pain treatment

Chiropractic techniques for lower back pain include spinal manipulation for acute lower back pain relief and chronic lower back pain treatment, and therapeutic massage as a lower back strain treatment.

Chiropractic manipulation and massage therapies both rely on use of the hands for manual manipulation of specific areas of the body.

Chiropractic adjustments for lower back pain include the direct thrust technique, in which a hand push is applied to correct a misaligned vertebra to improve functionality and restore mobility.

Massage manipulates muscles to reduce inflammation. It also improves blood flow to speed up healing by delivering oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue. This application of pressure also provides an effective lumbar back pain treatment.

Why choose
Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic

The good news if you’re suffering the misery of lower back pain is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr Liew’s a qualified chiropractic doctor, being awarded his Doctorate of Chiropractic by the Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota in the US. He’s been treating lower back pain since 1998. And he’s widely regarded as a pioneer in this area of chiropractic care, carrying out his own research and keeping up to date with developments in lower back pain solutions and severe lower back pain treatment.

Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic operates on the principle of making quality lower back pain relief affordable for as many people as possible. We achieve this goal by:

  • Applying the most effective treatments to bring about a fast recovery and avoid overly prolonged chiropractic treatment for back pain and its associated extra costs to the patient.
  • Keeping the practice small to reduce overheads.

Client testimonial

At the beginning, I could not even stand up. When I tried, I would feel a sharp pain at my lower back.

I believe Dr Liew’s treatments were effective because after every session, I felt less pain 1 or 2 days later.

I have now recovered from the back pain.

Goh Chang Hee

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